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Backup Job Hangs at Initialize Phase

A backup job is started and does not appear to be making any progress.  When checking the status of the backup job in the "View Current Activity" section (under "Activity") of the monitor, the job appears to be in the "Initialize" phase.  It may stay in this phase for an extended period of time or indefinitely.



There are a number of initializing steps which must be carried out before the backup job can run.  If one of those steps cannot finish properly or the backup software hangs on one of them, the backup job will stay at the initializing phase.  Those initial tasks include:

  • Running a test connection to the Intronis servers

  • Performing a lock file check

  • Checking the validity of the catalog

  • Testing the temporary folder



In order to find the process or task obstructing the backup job progress, run similar tasks to see if they can be carried out successfully in isolation.  This should help you narrow down the problem scope and help resolve the issue quickly.


Run a Test Connection

Run a test connection using the instructions here.  If you encounter problems in the test connection, see these resources for help in troubleshooting those:


Check Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

WMI is used by the backup software to carry out system tasks and retrieve system parameters used in backups.  You can use the following method to get a rough idea of whether or not WMI is working.

  1. Run wmimgmt.msc to open up Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). 

  2. In the window that comes up you will see an entry called "WMI Control (Local)."  Right-click on it and choose "Properties."

  3. A successful query of the WMI service and its properties will look like this:



  4. If the window which pops up reports any errors or does not show up at all (hangs on "Connecting to Windows Management...") this indicates WMI is broken.  Please consult Microsoft's documentation for fixing WMI.


Restart the Backup Agent Service

Occasionally processes within the backup software may hang or fail to complete entirely, rendering dependent actions inoperable.  It is always advised to restart the Backup Agent service to eliminate this as a possibility when troubleshooting problems such as this.


Repair .NET

The last thing you can try doing before reaching out to Intronis Support would be repairing .NET.  Go through the steps in this article to fix any .NET-related issues.