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Can I install the Backup Agent on an older version of Windows?

Windows Server 2008,  Server 2003 and Windows XP are no longer supported operating systems and you will not be able to install the Backup Agent on computers running those operating systems if you try to normally.  However, you can use an older, unbranded version ( of the software that is still compatible with those operating systems.  The software will remain on that version and will not receive updates.  Directions for installing the older version are as follows:

  1. Download the installer files from one of the following links:

  2. Extract the contents to an easily accessible folder.  The three files you will need are:

    • BackupSoftware.msi


    • eSureIT-Setup.exe

  3. Open a command prompt window and use the "cd" command to get to the folder containing the above files.

  4. Run the following command to begin the installation:

    esureit-setup.exe /msipath=backupsoftware.msi

  5. This will begin the installation.  From this point on, the installation will act just like a normal setup.


The method above will allow you to install the backup software in an unsupported environment.  If you run into any issues with installation or operation of the software, Intronis Support will not be able to help you.