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Public Folders Failing To Sync


If your Mailbox Level backup is failing with this error ( Failed to sync changed items for folder "Exchange\Mailboxes\"domain"\Public Folder\"Public Folder Name" ) you will want to check the permissions for the "user" backing up these folders.

  1. Open Exchange Management Console

  2. newmailboxlevelsetup3.pngClick on "Toolbox"

  3. Double click on "Public Folder Management Console"

  4. newmailboxlevelsetup3.pngClick "Default Public Folders" to populate folders inside the console.

  5. newmailboxlevelsetup3.pngHighlight folder in question then click properties on the right

  6. newmailboxlevelsetup3.pngMake sure the "user" gets selected and it has these permissions "Create items, Read items, and Edit all. "

  7. Once complete repeat on all folders necessary and re-run Mailbox backup.

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