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Restoring an Exchange Mailbox Level Backup

This article will show you how to restore individual messages, specific folders, or entire mailboxes from an Exchange Mailbox Level backup set.  Depending on the purpose for the restore, you may want to restore the mail back into Exchange or restore it outside, in the form of individual message files or a (.pst) file.  This article will show you the different ways to perform a restore and what options you have during the restore.



  1. Log into the management portal and navigate to the computer account whose mail you want to restore.

  2. On the computer account page, go to the Restore tab and hit the button next to Exchange Mailbox Level.

  3. At the restore page that opens, you will be on the Select tab.  Drill down into the mailbox or folder you want to restore and place a check next to them.  That which you have selected to restore will appear in the right-hand pane.

    Hit Next to proceed with the restore.

  4. Choose whether you will restore to file(s) as (.msg) files, to a (.pst) file, or back into Exchange.  If you choose either of the first two options, you will need to pick a destination for the restored file(s).

    Modify existing files and deleted items behavior if you need to, then hit Next to see a summary of the restore or hit the Restore button near the bottom to start the restore. 

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