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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

Removing Files and Folders Backup Sets

To remove a Files and Folders backup set, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Backup Selections page.

The Backup Selections page is displayed.



  1. At the relevant backup set row, click the remove image030.jpg icon to remove the backup set.

The confirmation pop-up is displayed.



  1. Click Yes.

The backup set is removed.

About Files and Folders Delete

You can delete files and folders in the following ways:

  • by Folder Hierarchy
  • by Daily Snapshots
  • by Backup Sets
  • by Stray Files

Deleting by Folder Hierarchy

You can delete files and folders from the hierarchy that you originally backed up. You can delete multiple revisions.

Deleting by Daily Snapshots

You can only delete from a single snapshot and device/share at a time.

Deleting by Backup Sets

You can only delete from a single backup set at a time.

Deleting Stray Files

You can delete files no longer being backed up.

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