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Doing an Object Level Restore (Hyper-V)

With a Hyper-V Rapid Recovery backup, you have the ability to restore individual files and folders from the backup using the "Object-Level" restore option.  When restoring files and folders using the object-level capabilities, the restore works the same way as a File and Folder restore, only the data is restored from a Hyper-V Rapid Recovery backup.  Object-level restores are intended for short-term retrieval and should not be counted on to restore older files and folder; for this, a File and Folder backup set would be appropriate.  This guide will show you how to perform an object-level restore.

NOTE: Object Level Restore is not supported for a RAID volume. 


  1. Log into the management portal and go to the Manage tab.  Navigate to the computer account on which you want to perform an object-level restore.

  2. Go to the Restore tab and click on the button next to Hyper-V Rapid Recovery in the Restore Selections section.

  3. Select Object-Level Restore from the top, choose the virtual machine you want to restore from and drill down until you get to the file(s) or folder(s) you need to restore.  Place a check next to those items and hit Next.

  4. Decide where you will restore the files or folders to by specifying a path (either a local path or UNC path) in the Destination field and click Next.

  5. On the Advanced tab, choose whether to restore NTFS permissions, file attributes, and/or last modified dates.

    Click Next to see a summary of the restore job you configured or hit the Restore button to start the restore immediately.

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