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Do I need to reinstall the Intronis software when reimaging?

After every backup, restore or delete action, the local and online copies of our catalog get updated to keep a current record of everything that has happened.  This catalog is a necessary "blueprint" when it comes time to do a restore so the software can correctly piece together all the backed up data.  When you reimage a server, that image includes a copy of the catalog from the time the image backup was made.  Once the image has been applied to the machine, there is now a disconnect between the the catalog on the restored machine and the most recent catalog.

After a reimage of a server or computer with either Intronis or a third-party utility you may see backup or restore issues due to the local copy of the catalog not matching up with what is stored on our servers.  At that time, you need to perform a clean reinstall of the Intronis software.  Instructions for performing a clean reinstall can be found here.  Also, if you reimaged the machine using the Intronis Image backups, you will likely have to delete the Image backup data and start over.

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