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Managing an Imaging Rapid Recovery to VM

Once you have restored an Image backup via the Rapid Recovery method, you will have a virtual machine that is running off of differencing disks allocated in the restore wizard and virtual hard drives located in the Local Storage folder belonging to the Image backup set.  While the virtual machine is running, new Image backups cannot be performed since the backup files are in use.  If you want to stop using the recovery virtual machine or continue to take backups, you will want to use the "Manage Recovery" feature.



  1. Log into the management portal and navigate to the computer account that has an active recovery virtual machine.

  2. Go to the "Active Recoveries" tab and click on the "Manage Recovery" button next to the active recovery virtual machine in the list.  If you do not see an active recovery virtual machine, you may not have one.

  3. Depending on what mode you used during the Rapid Recovery restore (Sandbox Test or Production) you will see different management options.


Sandbox Test Recovery

If the restore was conducted as a Sandbox Test Recovery, you will see the following message after clicking on "Manage Recovery":

The only option you have is to end the recovery virtual machine.  It is assumed you are using the Sandbox Test Recovery method for testing (as the name implies) so deleting the recovery virtual machine reverts the backup data to its last good state.


Production Recovery

If the restore was conducted as a Production Recovery, you will need to choose to finalize the recovery or cancel the recovery.

Finalize Recovery - This will promote the virtual machine to a completely independent virtual machine.  The virtual machine will no longer run off of any backup data as new virtual hard drives will be created at the destination you choose.  In addition, you will have to opportunity to give the virtual machine a different name.  After choosing this option, you will have to wait for the backup software to copy the virtual machine files to the new destination before you can perform another backup.

Cancel Recovery - This option is identical to option you see for the Sandbox Test Recovery machine.  This will delete the recovery virtual machine and return the backup data to its last good state.

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