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What are Imaging best practices?

Minimum System Requirements

Ensure the system you wish to image meets the following minimum requirements:

  • 2GHz quad-core CPU

  • 4 GB of Total RAM (1 GB free RAM during backup, restore, or delete operation)

  • At least 100 MB per disk included in backup set for temp space.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (to allow backup/restore/delete management from the web)


Disk Defragmentation

Turn off scheduled disk defragmentation tasks

A defragmented disk will negatively impact backup performance; however, disk defragmenter processes will cause the Intronis agent to detect more changes to a disk than have actually occurred. This will increase the amount of time required to determine changed blocks, causing incremental backups to run longer than expected. To ensure incremental backups run quickly, disable any scheduled disk defrag jobs.

Run disk disk defragmentation prior to running your first backup

Running disk defragmentation prior to running an image backup can greatly improve the performance of your first and subsequent image backups.  Run the disk defragmentation on any disk which houses volumes selected to be backed up once prior to running your first image backup.  Do not schedule disk defragmentation jobs for these disks.


Backup Destination

Use a USB 3.0 device if you back up to an external hard disk

If you want to back up to an external hard drive, make use of USB 3.0 if the drive and the device you are backing up supports it. This will ensure the backup agent can transfer images quickly.

Ensure your network has sufficient bandwidth if using network-attached storage

At least Gigabit Ethernet should be used if you are backing up over the network.  Image backups – particularly the first full backup – will be larger than file-based backups.  Your local network should have enough bandwidth to support transferring image backups to a NAS device.

Do not back up to a disk on the machine you are protecting

It is ill-advised to back up to a disk local to the machine you are protecting.  This will not provide adequate protection in the event of hardware failure. What's worse, if you're protecting a volume on the same disk to which you are backing up, performance will be impacted substantially! This configuration is only advisable in test environments.


Prepare for Restores

Get acquainted with Intronis's restore options

Intronis has many restore options for image backups. Depending on the type of restore you need to perform, the environment to which you need to restore, and your customers' recovery time objectives, one recovery type may be preferable over another.

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