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EMEA - How to perform a restore from a restore drive


In order to restore files from shipped restore drives the software monitor must be installed on the local machine using the same account and subaccount.  If you need help with installing the software then please go to: Recovery Mode Installation


From the locally installed software


Once the software is installed:


  1. Browse to the “Restore” section of the software.
  2. From the menu on the left-and side of the monitor, click “Restore from a Local Catalog”
  3. In the “Choose Catalog” window, the boxes for the username, Password, Computer ID, and Encryption key (if a private key) should be completed.
  4. In the Catalog Path box click on the ‘…’ to browse to the Drive.  Then click ‘Apply.’
  5. The main section of the restore window should populate with files.  Select and restore these files as you would if restoring from our servers over the internet.
  6.  If you browse to folders that are on another Hard Drive, the software will prompt you to insert it.


From the management portal


Intronis has the ability to restore from a secondary catalog in the management portal. The software does need to be installed for this username and computer ID, and the restore drive plugged into that computer.


  1. Select the ‘Manage Accounts/Computers’ menu in the management portal.
  2. Expand the username, and click on the computer ID.
  3. Click on the Restore tab and then click ‘Start Restore.’
  4. Click ‘Restore from a secondary catalog.’
  5. Navigate to the catalog that resides on the restore drive.
  6. Once the catalog is selected the restore view is refreshed with the data that exists on the restore drive.
  7. From here, select the data that you would like restored.


If you need further assistance with this process, please contact our EMEA Support number at 0-800-862-0636 Option 1 .


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