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Automatic deployment of Device Managers on Windows Laptops

Automatic deployment of Device Managers on Windows laptops

This article is intended to provide information regarding the option to Automatically deploy Device Managers on Windows laptops when creating new Sites in Managed Workplace.

This feature will only deploy Device Managers to laptops during the first 4 hours after the Onsite Manager installation. After 4 hours, the Onsite Manager will stop deploying Device Managers automatically, but they can still be installed from the Site Management screen in the Service Center.

In order for Device Managers to be installed automatically to laptops, the laptop must meet the following criteria:

  1. The laptop must be WMI enabled.
  2. The laptop must be running a Windows-based operating system.
  3. The laptop must match one of the following chassis types collected via WMI: Portable, Laptop, Notebook, Hand Held or Sub Notebook.