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How to Migrate an Onsite Manager

How to migrate an Onsite Manager

Since the release of Managed Workplace 2013 and the change in our licensing, we can no longer include third-party software in our install package. This complicates the onsite manager migration as there is no longer a pause between the SQL installation and the onsite manager software installation where we used to restore the database.

NOTE: Using the Onsite Manager installer downloaded from the Service Center is not supported.  You will need the full installer from the partner portal to proceed.

The following steps allow for a quick and seamless migration using the new installer:

  1. Ensure that the Onsite Manager is fully up to date this can be checked in the Service Center > Update Center > Products
  2. Install SQL 2014 Express and SQL Management Studio on the new Onsite Manager server, ensuring you select a named instance and specify an instance name of LPIMWOMEXPRESS
  3. Uninstall the Onsite Manager software
  4. Perform a backup of the MWData database using SQL Management Studio
  5. Copy the backup to the new server
  6. Restore the database backup to the new LPIMWOMEXPRESS instance using SQL Management Studio
  7. Ensure the Compatibility level of the database under Properties -> Options is set to at least 2014
  8. Download the Onsite Manager package from the partner portal
  9. Unblock the package, Unzip and run SetupOM as administrator
  10. Continue through the installation
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