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Installing Microsoft SQL Server Express for Managed Workplace Onsite Manager

This article describes how to perform an automated installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express for use with Managed Workplace Onsite Manager.

Note: Before proceeding, please verify the system has Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed and meets all the requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express.

How to automate the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express: 

1. Log into the system on which you plan to install the Onsite Manager.

2. Download Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express 

NOTE: Only the basic SQLEXPR_xXX_ENU.exe package for your architecture is required.

3. Save the executable to a folder on the machine. Example: C:\Temp

4. Open the Command Prompt as Administrator

5. Enter the following command and press Enter (be sure you specify the path used in Step 3)

 C:\Temp\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe -x:C:\SQLServer

6. Once the Extraction is complete, from the Command Prompt

7. Enter the following command and press enter


8. Once the installation completes, you may proceed to install Managed Workplace Onsite Manager

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