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Loss of Monitoring Protocol

Loss of Monitoring Protocol

The loss of monitoring alert occurs when devices are no longer communicating through either the SNMP or WMI protocols.  If a device stops communicating over these protocols Managed Workplace is unable to alert, monitor or collect information on those devices.  

The following scenarios guide you through issues that may have caused your devices to stop communicating through SNMP or WMI protocol.

Scenario 1

SNMP/WMI Enabled

  1. Check to see if your device is SNMP/WMI Enabled
  2. If it is a domain, confirm that the account for MW Service is a Domain User, Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin in Active Directory
  3. Confirm the correct account/password in the Configure Onsite Manager utility.

Scenario 2 

DNS Issue

  1. Confirm that the DNS entries are correct for the devices. 
  2. Log into the domain controller and check both forward and reverse lookup zones for these devices
  3. Ensure that there is no discrepancy or duplicate entry
  4. Flush our DNS settings after cleaning up to discover the devices as WMI enabled

Scenario 3

Policy Module

The device is verified by the type of policy module applied. Therefore, if an SNMP based policy module is applied to a Windows device with no SNMP, the alert can be triggered when it is not valid. 

  1. Check what policy modules are applied to these devices and ensure that none were added in error
  2. If the policy modules are correct, check to see if the Windows Management Instrumentation Service is running
  3. If the Windows Management Instrumentation Service is running, check to see if there are any WMI errors in the onboarding overview of the device