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Managed Workplace macOS Download Prep Utility Fails to Execute

​​​​​​You may encounter an issue where the Managed Workplace OS X Download Prep Utility fails to execute on macOS 10.12.1 (Sierra) and higher.

The reason for this issue is a change created by a security and privacy enhancement delivered in new versions of the macOS, called App Translocation or Gatekeeper Path Randomization, which causes any application that is not distributed through the App Store to run from a randomized path.

The result of this change is that the macOS Download Prep Utility doesn’t discover the config file “osx-prep-config.xml”, resulting in the app failing.

To run the macOS Download Prep Utility successfully, follow the steps below:

1.    Download the OS X Download Prep Utility from Service Center (See Deploying Onsite Manager within a Domain in the Managed Workplace Help).

2.    Open a Terminal and run the following command: sudo xattr -r -d {fullPathToOsx-Prep-Utility}, where “{fullPathToOsx-Prep-Utility}” is the full path to the prep utility.


·         By default, the utility is saved in /Users/{UserName}/Downloads, where “{UserName}” is the username.

·         For example, if the current user name is "administrator" and the utility is downloaded into the default location "/Users/administrator/Downloads/", the command is:

sudo xattr  r -d /Users/administrator/Downloads/OS\X\Prep\Utility/OS\X\Prep\


1.    When prompted, type your password.

2.    Using Finder, navigate to the location where you saved the utility.

3.    Double-click the utility to run it.


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