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Managing Windows 10 Build Updates in Managed Workplace

This article assumes that devices are already under a Patching policy in Managed Workplace.

1.       Navigate to Patch Management -> Settings -> Synchronization ensuring Upgrades are selected in the Classification settings

2.       Navigate to Patch Management -> Patch Approval

3.       Search for “Feature Update to Windows 10” leaving all other options at “All”

4.       Locate the patch(es) for the correct build version and installed languages on clients that are to be updated

5.       Change the approval to Install for these patches for “All Computers” or applicable approval groups either one at a time on the Status page or checking multiple and selecting “Change Approvals” 

6.       Allow the next patching cycle to complete

NOTE: If the approval is changed within 24 hours of the next scheduled patching cycle the patch may not install until the following scheduled patching cycle

NOTE: the “Upgrades” classification can be added to an Automatic Approval to be set to install Automatically

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