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Troubleshooting Intronis Backup Agent Deployment

Some Target Devices Do Not Appear in the Deployment List

  • Target devices with operating systems that are not supported will not appear in the Deployment list 
  • Devices that have not been upgraded to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1 (or higher) will not be displayed

Some Target Sites Do Not Appear in the Deployment List

  • Sites that have not been upgraded to Barracuda Managed Workplace 12 SP1 MR1 or higher are not displayed

Barracuda Intronis Backup Agent Did Not Deploy

  • Ensure that the target device is running and communicating 
    • Attempt deployment again

The Deployment Failed, but the Issues are Resolved Now

An Error Message Says a Reboot is Required, but the Device Already Rebooted

If a Reboot will be required note appears next to a device name on the Barracuda Products > Intronis Backup page, and the status of the device’s integration is Deployed, ensure the device has rebooted. If the Intronis Backup agent icon appears on the desktop of the managed device, the reboot has been successful and no additional reboot is required.

The Intronis Backup Status Page Says Deployment is Successful, but the Agent Does Not Appear to Be Installed

A known issue exists for managed devices that require a reboot to complete the IBU agent installation. If the post-reboot Intronis Backup installation fails, the Intronis Backup Status page may indicate that deployment has been successful. Confirm that the Intronis Backup agent icon appears on the desktop of the managed device. If the icon does not appear on the managed device, try the install again.

An Invalid Credentials Error Appears After Step 7, but Credentials Are Valid

This affects certain versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge that encrypt cached passwords. If an invalid credentials error appears after step 7 of the To Deploy Barracuda Intronis Backup Agent to Devices procedure, check to ensure you are using the correct password. If the password is correct, follow the procedure again, but in step 7, type the password manually.

Redeploying Barracuda Intronis Backup to a Device Where It was Already Installed Did Not Change the Deployment

Barracuda Managed Workplace cannot install Intronis where an older version of Intronis is already installed. Use Add or remove programs to uninstall Barracuda Intronis Backup, then redeploy through Barracuda Managed Workplace.

The Barracuda Intronis Backup Agent Installed Through This Procedure Does Not Reflect Branding Set Up in ECHOplatform

At this time, the deployed Barracuda Intronis Backup Agent cannot be branded through ECHOplatform.

Barracuda Intronis Backup Agent is Installed, but Backups are not Happening

Some backups do not work properly after deployment until the device is rebooted. Try rebooting the device.

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