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Updating Integrated Avast Antivirus

On November 11th 2020, Managed Workplace made available a new Avast Business Agent (v 4.23) and Avast Antivirus (v 20.7). These releases addressed several bug fixes and introduced enhancement improvements. It is recommended that partners are aware of how their environment handle updates for the Agent and AV client as well as prepare for the eventuality of a required reboot for all devices with Avast Antivirus installed. 

You can find comprehensive release notes on our Partner Portal page.

How do Update the Avast Agent

The first thing you want to ensure is that the Avast Agent is updated to 4.23. This is something that requires direct intervention as it does not occur automatically as this is the back-end connection between the Avast Antivirus Client, the Avast servers and Managed Workplace. To accomplish this, you can do it through two methods as detailed below: 

    • Click on Update Center
    • Select Products
    • Select sites
    • Click on Update


    • Avast Antivirus Dashboard
    • Select Deployment
    • Click on the number under Devices with Antivirus
    • Check the devices
    • Select Update Avast Agents

Understanding Update Settings for Avast Antivirus Client
  • Start with checking how your policy controls your updates.
    • Go to Configuration.
    • Click on Policies.
    • Select Avast Antivirus.
    • Click on your Avast Antivirus Policy for the Site/Devices to update.
    • Go into Workstation (or Server) Settings.
    • Select General Settings.
    • Reference the below screenshot.


Automatic Updates are controlled by Avast and will occur within the Avast timeframe (usually overnight, sometimes it is simply as available).m Manual Updates are controlled by Managed Workplace and are informed by the Execution Schedule.

Using Manual Updates through the Execution Schedule for Avast Antivirus Client
    • Click on Configuration.
    • Select Schedules.
    • Choose Execution.
    • Click on the schedule for Site/Devices.
    • Reference the below screenshot.


The client update itself requires a reboot on the device, this can be delayed on the client end, but it is highly recommended to do this as soon as possible.

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