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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

Activating Backup Appliances to Accounts


Prerequisite: You must assign the appliance to an account before you can activate it.

To activate Backup Appliances to Accounts, perform the following steps.

  1. At the ECHOplatform ribbon, click More Services, and then select Backup Appliances, as shown below.



The View Purchased Backup Appliances page is displayed.


  1. Click the Activate button in the row of the backup appliance you want to activate to an account.



The Assign Appliance to Account pop-up is displayed.



Note: If any account address information is incorrect, you may be prompted to update, as shown in the example below. If so, refer to the following Account Address Update for instructions.



Account Address Update

To update the account address information, perform the following steps.

a. Click the here link in the pop-up.

The Edit Account page is displayed with incorrect fields flagged, as shown below.


c. Make your corrections, and then click Save.

d. Return to the Backup Appliances page.

  1. Click the down arrow to display the drop-down menu, and then select an account, as shown below.

  1. Click the Confirm button.

When the activation is completed, Enabled is displayed in the Appliance State column, as shown below.


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