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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

View Purchased Backup Appliances

After purchasing a backup appliance, the appliance displays on the View Purchased Backup Appliances page. You need to either assign the appliance to a subpartner and/or activate the appliance to an account to use it.

When the appliance is activated, it is initially in an activating state for a few minutes before activation.

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The More Services option on the ECHOplatform ribbon lets you access the Barracuda Backup Appliances page.

Figure 1 displays the Backup Appliances menu option.




The View Purchased Backup Appliances Page



On this page, you can do the following:

  • View purchased Backup Appliances.
  • View information to cancel services.
  • Assign Backup Appliances to subpartners.
  • Activate Backup Appliances to an account.
  • Deactivate an account from a Backup Appliances serial number.
  • Remove a subpartner from Backup Appliances serial number.

A blue dot in the Serial Number column indicates that an appliance is assigned to a subpartner, as shown below.



Viewing Options

The following table lists the viewing options available on this page and instructions to display them.

To view…

Do the following…

All Appliances, Master Partner Appliances, or Subpartner Appliances,

Click the All Appliances drop-down arrow.

Information on how to cancel Backup Appliances serial numbers,

Click the information  icon, and then call the phone number, as shown below.

Activating Backup Appliances Options

A Master Partner can activate appliances to either their own accounts, and/or directly to the accounts of their subpartners. If activation is done directly to the account of a subpartner, it is then also automatically assigned to that subpartner.


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