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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

View Purchased Essentials Services



On this page, you can do the following:

  • View activated seats.
  • View and filter accounts
  • View information to modify or cancel services.
  • Assign Essentials Services to subpartners.
  • Activate Essentials Services seats to an account.

Viewing Options

The following table lists the viewing options available on this page and instructions to display them.

To view…

Do the following…

Essentials Services activated to the specific account,

Click the expansion  arrow beside the account name, as shown below.

All accounts,

Click the All Accounts drop-down arrow.


Click All, as shown below.

Master Partner Accounts, or subpartner accounts,

Click the All Accounts drop-down arrow, and make your selection, as shown below.


All accounts with a service in the Activating state,

Click the green button, as shown below.

All failed activations,

Click the red exclamation mark button, as shown below.

Accounts by initial letters,

At the alphabet directory, click any highlighted letter, as shown below.

Information on how to modify or cancel Essentials Services,

Click the email link, or call the phone number as shown below.

Essential Services Icons

The following table provides a description of the Essential Services icons.



Essentials Backup


Essentials Archiving



Essentials Email Security


Essentials Advanced Email Security


Essentials Advanced Email Security + Compliance


Essentials Complete Protection


Icon Colors: Gray indicates that the service is activated. Green indicates that the service is activating. Red indicated that the service failed activation.

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