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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

Branding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long before branding changes take effect?

A: With version 5.1, branding is done automatically; there is no need to wait for manual work to be done by Intronis.  The branding wizard is displayed upon first login, prompting the partner to brand right away.


Q: Do I have to go through the branding wizard upon first login?

A: You may choose to brand at any time.  The branding wizard can be found in the management portal by clicking on "Preferences" and then selecting "Configure Branding."


Q: Can sub-partners have separate branding from the partner management portal?

A: Yes they can.  Please contact technical support either through chat, email (, or phone (1-800-569-0155 option 1) and a technician will be able to enable this feature.


Q: What should I name my product and where is the product name utilized?

A: You may name the software anything you would like as long as the name is not currently utilized by another partner.  The product name is found within the software, in notifications, and on marketing materials.  Please note the product and company name cannot be more than 24 characters and cannot have spaces or special characters, except "_" (underscore) and "-" (dash/hyphen).


Q: Where is the email address and "Send From" name utilized for?

A: The email address and "Send From" name are utilized for email notifications to your customers.


Q: Can I see a sample of how the management portal will look with my branding?

A: Yes, all the changes you make to the branded portal will appear on the right side of the wizard.


Q: Do I need to provide any "About Us" information?

A: No, all the information needed for the "About Us" screen comes from the information entered in the wizard.


Q: Can I format my "About Us" section in HTML?

A: No.



For more detail, see Branding the Management Portal.

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