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Management Portal Changes and Silverlight Replacement

Intronis is dedicated to keeping our valued Partners informed regarding any changes that may impact your service. Please review the two updates below which require your attention.


Management Portal changes on September 12

To ensure that we continue to deliver secure websites, communications, and applications, we will be upgrading our portal SSL certificates from SHA-1 to SHA-2 on September 12.


  • Impact to Partners – SHA-2 is supported by Windows XP/2003 and up, but Windows XP must have SP3 and Windows 2003 must have SP2 with hotfix KB938397 or KB968730. If Partners are using older operating systems without the correct patches applied, they may experience problems in using the management portal. Backup agents are not affected by this upgrade.


  • Actions for you to take – We suggest that all Partners review their system inventory and take steps to make sure SHA-2 is supported on all of their systems using the guidelines above.


You can see background on these changes at Microsoft’s Support links:


We will be upgrading our agent SSL certificate to SHA-2 by the end of 2015, and we will again notify Partners in advance to allow for you to update your agent systems.


Chrome Support/Silverlight changes on September 14

While Google Chrome has never been officially supported within the Intronis ECHOplatform, we realize many Partners have been using this browser. However, as of September 14th, Chrome will no longer support Silverlight, which is used throughout the Portal. This means that you will no longer be able to access our Portal using Chrome. We are actively working on replacing all instances of Silverlight in our Portal as we continue to transform the user experience. We expect this work to be completed early next year.


  • Impact to Partners – Partners should no longer use Google’s Chrome browser to log into the Intronis Portal.


  • Actions for you to take Current supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox 40 (release channel), Mozilla Firefox 38.2.1 (ESR build), Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (please note: Microsoft Edge is not currently supported, nor is Apple’s Safari browser.)


These necessary updates will allow us to continue improving our offering to you. Over the last year, many changes have already been made to remove a reliance on Silverlight. We have begun adding all new functionality using HTML5, and have also removed Flash. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive and smoother user experience of our portal using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Edge without the use of third party plugins.

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