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Understanding your Site Security Dashboard

Understanding the Site Security Dashboard

In Managed Workplace, you can access the Site Security Dashboard to get an overview Antivirus Security, Patch Security, User Security and Network Security. Please see the below image of an environment from a member of the Manager Workplace Support team staff.

The data collected from here comes from a Site Security Schema and will provide a breakdown of issues that may exist on a given site the schema is applied to. Out of the box, the Site Security Scheme you can apply to a site will provide an overall glance at issues, but it needs to be fine-tuned for your needs/site.

To set up your Site Security Scheme go to Configuration > Site Security (as below)

Here you can make new, copy, delete or modify Schemas. You can also modify the Security Score Ranges to reflect at a glance the conditions on your Site Security Dashboard.

To modify a schema, you simply click on the hyperlinked name and it will open the following screen.

Note: The Managed Workplace support team recommends that you have a Site Security Schema per site as a baseline standard should you use this feature.

The above image is for the Default Schema. The name and description cannot be changed. However, for a brand new custom schema, you can modify those at will. To modify the schema to fit your site’s needs, you will need to expand each of the categories below (or deselect “Grouped” from the right-hand side). You will be presented with some of the following:

Each of those options can be toggled on or off to suit the needs of the environment. If someone is not deploying AV on a site, then turning those off would make sense. Bear in mind, these choices do not coincide with a policy nor other settings within Managed Workplace. These settings to give Partners an idea on how to improve their own management of a site.

For example, using the image below, you can see an overview of the outstanding Patch Security issues on this site according to which patch categories have outstanding Patches to apply to devices on the site.


One of the most common concerns and issues we come across within Managed Workplace support is that the Patch Security. For a more in-depth breakdown for Patch Security, please read the Patch Security in Site Security Dashboard FAQ.

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