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Doing a VMware QuickSpin Restore

In the event you need to restore a VMware virtual machine, you can use a VMware QuickSpin backup to do so.  Using these instructions, you can restore the virtual machine back to a specific point in time, either back into production or into an isolated sandbox environment.  VMware Quickspin restores go much faster than VMware Standard restores as the virtual machine is already assembled.  This article will explain the process for performing a VMware QuickSpin restore.



  1. Log into the management portal and go to the Manage tab.  Navigate to the computer account from which you want to perform the restore.

  2. Go to the Restore tab and click on the button next to VMware QuickSpin in the Restore Selections section.

  3. Pick the virtual machine you want to restore and hit the arrow to its right to choose the revision date to restore.  When finished, hit Next.

  4. Pick whether you want to perform a Sandbox Test Recovery or Production Recovery restore.

    The difference between "Sandboxed Test Recovery" and "Production Recovery" is the former restores the virtual machine to an isolated VLAN while the latter restores the virtual machine to its original network.  If you choose to use a "Production Recovery" the Backup Agent will attempt to stop the original virtual machine before spinning up the restored virtual machine.

    When you have decided what restore type you want, click Next to see a summary of the restore or hit the Restore button to begin the restore job.

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